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Genetics in Primary Care (GPC)
Training Program Curriculum Materials

The materials in this section are designed to serve as a bridge between genetics and primary care.  The modules provide a series of teaching cases, developed to be representative of patients seen in primary care, while also allowing for the demonstration of genetics issues and principles. Each module cites web-sites for additional background information and articles from the medical literature, including relevant consensus and policy statements where applicable.
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Complete Document

GPC Curriculum Materials (429 Kb)

Individual Chapters

o  Acknowledgements
o  Table of Contents       .
Introduction to the CPC Curriculum    .
o  How to Use The Curriculum    .
o  Curriculum Materials - Major Topics    
      . Breast and Ovarian Cancer
       . Cardiovascular Disease
       . Colorectal Cancer
       . Congenital Hearing Loss
       . Dementia
       . Developmental Delay
       . Iron Overload
       . Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues (ELSI) 
o  Resources on the World Wide Web.
o  Overview of the GPC Project       .
o  GPC Members 1998-2001    .




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