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     State Genetic Information         

State Genetics Coordinator:

Stephen Holloway
Colorado Department of Public Health
and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80222
Needs Assessment/Planning:

Click here for: State Genetics Plan
All Genetic Services:

Consumer support, Newborn Screening Follow up, Clinical Services, Prenatal Services, Laboratory Services

Click for: - All Genetic Services in Colorado

Clinical Genetic Services:

Clinical genetics are medical services provided to individuals, families, and populations who have or are at risk for disorders with genetic implications.  Services include testing, counseling, education, treatment, and where appropriate, referral for other services. 

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, is a publicly-funded, medical genetics information resource that has a searchable clinical directory for all states, type of service, and specialty clinic.
Click here for: Gene Tests Homepage
Click here for: GeneTests - Colorado Clinical Directory
Genetic Counselor Training Program:

Click here for: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Genetic legislation may be clearly expressed in public health statutes. It may also be embedded in other regulations, administrative rules, or other less obvious statutes, e.g. labor law. Identifying and interpreting state genetics legislation is not necessarily straightforward. One example of genetic-related legislation in Colorado is:

Click here for: Article 3: Regulation of Insurance Companies/10-3-1104.7. Genetic testing  declaration - definitions - limitations on disclosure of information - liability - legislative declaration.

Resources for genetic legislation include:

State genetics coordinator

Click here for: Colorado General Assembly Online

Click here for: National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Genetics Laws and Legislative Activity. Select a topic of interest for legislation in each state (where available).




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