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Newborn Screening Contact Information

    NBS Laboratory
    Joseph Ubaike
    Follow-up Program
    Susan Oliver, MSN, RN

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Approximate Births

Major Racial/Ethnic Groups
White: 84%                       American Indian: <1%
African American: 12%       Asian/Pacific islander: 4%

Hispanic Ethnicity: 20%  (may also be included in race categories above) 

Connecticut Statute 
Conn. Gen. Stat. 19a-55 - addresses testing requirements.
Conn. Gen. Stat. 19a-59a (1997) - addresses medical foods.
For more information click on this link: National Conference of State Legislators

Screening Requirements
Required by law on all newborns, with second test recommended on all newborns between 7-14 days of age.

NBS Fee: 

Parent/Consumer Resources

   March of Dimes

   Save Babies Through Screening Foundation
   Laboratories Offering Expanded Screening


 Click here for a list of disorders states screen for

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