Genetics Programs and Services

US Newborn Screening Programs

Clickable map of the US linking to information on each state's newborn screening program and website.

US State Program Links and State Plans

Links to state programs and related websites.

ACMG Clinical Genetics Services Searchable Database

The database provides the public and healthcare providers a way to find genetic services by the name of a specific genetics clinic, type of genetics provider, areas of specialty, services provided, or provider location, with the results displayed with Google Earth software.


Regional genetics and newborn screening collaboratives. Map of the US with links to contact information and websites for each regional collaborative.

CDC-Pediatric Genetics

Information on genetic disorders, family health history, genetic counseling, and newborn screening.


National Coordinating Center for the Genetics and Newborn Screening Regional Collaboratives.

Genetics Projects

Genetic Dilemmas in Primary Care 

Educational program about the medical and ethical challenges raised by genetic testing in primary care practice

Genetics in Primary Care (GPC) Training Program 

Training modules that provide a series of teaching cases, developed to be representative of patients seen in primary care, while also allowing for the demonstration of genetics issues and principles.

Genetics Literacy Project

Literature and Materials Review (2001) This working report considers how various actors, such as researchers, practitioners, journalists, etc produce and disseminate information about genetics and health.

GENE Project Literature Review

Literature review for Genetics Education Needs Evaluation (GENE) Project (2005); Five year initiative aimed at improving access to genetics information.

Additional Links

Academic Links

Links to academic sites containing genetics resources and materials.

Genomic Testing

Information on genomic testing provided by the CDC

Parent and Family Links

Links to genetics and health based websites aimed at the public (consumers, patients, and families).

Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues (ELSI) Links

Links to websites focusing on ethical and legal issues in genetics.