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State Genetics Contact:

Blythe Berger, Interim Contact
Rhode Island Department of Health
Providence, RI
Montgomery, AL 35104
Tel: 401-222-5949

Rhode Island Department of Health/Genetics
Genetics and Newborn Screening Region 1 Collaborative

Clinical Genetic Services

Clinical genetics are medical services provided to individuals, families, and populations who have or are at risk for disorders with genetic implications. Services include testing, counseling, education, treatment, and where appropriate, referral for other services.
Genetic Resources in Rhode Island

GeneTests, is a publicly-funded, medical genetics information resource that has a searchable clinical directory for all states, type of service, and specialty clinic.
Gene Tests Homepage
GeneTests-Rhode Island Clinical Directory


Genetic legislation may be clearly expressed in public health statutes. It may also be embedded in other regulations, administrative rules, or other less obvious statutes, e.g. labor law. Identifying and interpreting state genetics legislation is not necessarily straightforward.

Title 27/Insurance – Chapter 19 Nonprofit Hospital Service Corporations
Genetic Testing
Genetic Information

Resources for genetic legislation include: