Glossaries and Reference Services


Contains information on hundreds of genetic disorders, genetic tests, and providers.

AAP Primer on Sickle Cell Disease Screening

American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on health services for sickle cell disorders.

Aetna InteliHealth - Genetic Testing Guide

Information on genetics, genetic testing, and some genetic disorders for which testing is available.

AllRefer Health, a medical and health information database

General health information database with links to specific disorders.

CDC’s Public Health Genomics Genetic Testing Page

Information on genetic testing.

Chromosomal Variations in Man - Online Database

Searchable database containing information on chromosome abnormalities.

My Family Health Portrait

A Family History Tool from the Surgeon General


Information for genetics education from Pre-K on.

Genetics Education Materials Database (GemDatabase)

Searchable database of genetics educational materials

Genetics Home Reference - A Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions

Includes a database of genetic conditions, genes, and chromosomes and a handbook on genetics.

Healthy People 2010

National program on preventable health threats.

HRSA/Maternal and Child Health Library

Virtual guide to maternal and child health information.

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Thesaurus

Standardized health vocabulary for searching MCH information.

National Human Genome Research Institute Glossary of Genetic Terms

A talking glossary of genetic terms providing definitions and pronunciation.

Newborn Screening.Com

Newborn screening news and disorder profiles.

NHGRI - National Human Genome Research Institute Policy Database

Federal policy and legislation database relating to human genetics.

NIH-Genetic Information on the Web

Information on genomics, health and patient support organizations and resources through the National Institute of Health.

NOAH - New York Online Access to Health

General Health database with topics organized by category or alphabetically.

NORD - National Organization of Rare Disorders

Contains a database of information for rare disorders.

OMIM Database- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Catalog of human genes and genetic disorders with summaries of the research available for each one.

Organizations for Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders

Listing of Endocrine and Metabolic disease related organizations.

PeriStats - March of Dimes

Perinatal Data and Information on newborn screening sponsored by the March of Dimes

State Health Facts

State health profiles and demographic information from Kaiser Family Foundation

The New Genetics™ CD-ROM Series

A multi-media CD-ROM for those interested in the impact of genetics and genomics on health care and society.

University of Kansas Medical Center Glossary of Genetic Terms

Glossary compiled by the Genetics Education Center

University of Rochester Medical Center Division of Genetics

Brochures and Fact Sheets on Hemoglobinopathies

US Department of Energy Virtual Library for Genetics 

Database containg links to genome information for multiple species.

Weizmann Institute of Science GeneCards Database

Database of human genes that includes genomic, proteomic and transcriptomic information