Newborn Screening Contact Information

NBS Laboratory
Lea Mott, MT(ASCP)
502-564-4446 ext. 4456

Follow-up Program
Troi Cunningham, RN
502-564-3756 ext 3779

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Approximate Births by occurrence (ref. 2010 NCHS data)

Major Racial/Ethnic Groups
White: 88%
American Indian:  <1%
African American: 10%
Asian/Pacific islander: 2%
Hispanic Ethnicity: 5%  (may also be included in race categories above) 

Kentucky Statute 
Ky. Rev. Stat. § 214.155 (2001)- addresses screening (including expanded testing) and fees.
Ky. Rev. Stat. §§ 205.560, 213.141, 304.17A (2000)- addresses follow-up and coverage for metabolic foods and other treatments.
For more information click on this link: National Conference of State Legislators

Screening Requirements
Required by law on all infants, with a second test required if initial screen is done prior to 48 hrs.

NBS filter paper form: .jpg

NBS Fee:  $53.50