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State Genetics Contact:

Kerry Silvey, MA, CGC
Public Health Genetics Specialist
Child Development & Rehabilitation Center (CDRC),
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
Tel: 541/346-2610
Fax: 541/346-5844

Mailing Address
CDRC-Clinical Services Building
901 East 18th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403-5254

Oregon Department of Human Services/Public Health/Genetics Program
Genetics and Newborn Screening Region 7 Collaborative

Needs Assessment Planning

Oregon Genetics Program State Needs Assessment and Plan

Site contains

  • Strategic Plan for Genetics and Public Health (2002)
  • Genetics and Public Health in Oregon: A Summary of Assessment Methods and Findings
  • Complete State Needs Assessment
  • Assessment Tools and Reports
  • Oregon Genetics Plan Advisory Council Members

Clinical Genetic Services

Clinical genetics are medical services provided to individuals, families, and populations who have or are at risk for disorders with genetic implications. Services include testing, counseling, education, treatment, and where appropriate, referral for other services.
Oregon Genetic Services

GeneTests, is a publicly-funded, medical genetics information resource that has a searchable clinical directory for all states, type of service, and specialty clinic.
Gene Tests Homepage
GeneTests-Oregon Clinical Directory


Genetic legislation may be clearly expressed in public health statutes. It may also be embedded in other regulations, administrative rules, or other less obvious statutes, e.g. labor law. Identifying and interpreting state genetics legislation is not necessarily straightforward.
Chapter 659A. Unlawful Discrimination in Employment. Section 300-303. Related to Genetic Testing.
Chapter 192. Policy Concerning Public Records. Section 531-549 Genetic privacy.
Chapter 746. Trade Practices. Section 135 Genetic tests and information; rules.

Genetic Privacy
A history of Oregon genetics privacy laws and links to genetic privacy statutes can be found at:
Oregon Department of Human Services/Genetics Program Research and Privacy site.

Resources for genetic legislation include: