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For information concerning diagnosis, treatment, and counseling for a specific disease, please contact your health care provider.

If you desire additional information on the activities of the National Newborn Screening and Global Resource Center (NNSGRC) listed below, contact Brad Therrell, Ph.D. at


  •  Newborn screening program reviews - includes a pre-visit self evaluation using the PEAS tool found elsewhere on this website, a comprehensive program review focusing on questions from the program using appropriate national experts (in consultation with the program), an exit interview/review of team findings, and a written report. [These reviews were formerly provided using federal funds no longer available.  Travel expenses plus a small honorarium are now required for each team member.] Administrators of the NNSGRC have provided reviews of this type since 1986 covering over 35 U.S. programs and extending to many foreign screening programs.
  • International newborn screening discussion listserv - available since 1999, this listserv now includes approximately 800 participants worldwide.  Discussions and news items are limited to newborn screening or closely related issues.
  • Newborn Screening introductory seminars and workshops - NNSGRC staff combine with national and international experts to provide introductory, intermediate, and advanced workshops and seminars explaining and teaching health professionals and policy makers about newborn screening.  Workshops/seminars are customized to meet the needs of the program and may include evaluation of ongoing activities and meetings with high level government policy makers.  These activities build on a history of such activities in over 20 countries.  The program is fee based requiring program financial support for travel and honoraria.
  • Website - The current website was initially developed in 1999 and has been ongoing since that time. Changes have occurred in the format and content to meet the suggestions of multiple review groups including parents and health professionals with emphasis on multi-cultural, interdisciplinary backgrounds. It includes selected summary data and other information designed to meet the needs of newborn screening stakeholders desiring up to date information. Comments and suggestions should be forwarded for consideration to Dr. Therrell.

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National Newborn Screening and Global Resource Center (NNSGRC)
3907 Galacia Drive
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 512-921-1400

NNSGRC Director

Bradford Therrell, Ph.D. - Director

Senior Advisors

Celia Kaye, M.D., Ph.D. — University of Colorado School of Medicine
Louis Bartoshesky, MD, MPH - Pediatrician and Clinical Geneticist

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