The National Newborn Screening and Genetics Resource Center (NNSGRC) is sponsored by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), Department of Pediatrics.  The mission of the NNSGRC is to: 1) provide a forum for interaction between consumers, health care professionals, researchers, organizations, and policy makers in refining and developing public health newborn screening and genetics programs; and 2) serve as a national resource center for information and education in the areas of newborn screening and genetics.

The NNSGRC is established on the principle that accurate genetic information and competent genetic services should be provided to all individuals in a culturally competent, community based, family focused, information oriented, non-directive and confidential manner.  To this end, states have a critical role to play in ensuring non-discriminatory effective genetic service and information delivery.

The NNSGRC serves as a focal point for national newborn screening and genetics activities, and provides related resources to benefit health professionals, the public community, consumers and government officials.  It also serves to assist states in refining their newborn screening activities through technical assistance reviews and to enhance their capacity to incorporate new developments in genetics, health promotion and disease prevention into the public health system.  In addition to annual national information reports on state and territorial newborn screening activities, the NNSGRC coordinates and facilitates national discussions of pertinent topics in the areas of newborn screening and genetics, and assists in developing and implementing related demonstration projects of national interest.

The NNSGRC is a component of the Genetics Division of the Department of Pediatrics, UTHSCSA located in Austin, Texas.

Center Objectives

Contact Center:  To serve as a contact center for consumer groups,
professional organizations, and government officials seeking newborn
screening and public health genetics information.          

Education:  To provide accurate, easily accessible, and up-to-date educational resource information for consumers and public health professionals in the areas of newborn screening and public health genetics.

Professional Collaborations:  To form meaningful collaborations with other organizations of agencies having similar interests and goals in newborn screening and public health genetics.

Technical Assistance:  To provide timely and useful technical assistance to states in refining ongoing newborn screening programs and in developing comprehensive public health genetics programs.