Genetics Literacy Project

Literature and Materials Review

Information about genetics and health reaches the public in a variety of ways. This working report considers how various actors, such as researchers, practitioners, bioethicists, policy makers, biotechnology entrepreneurs, social scientists, science writers, and journalists produce and disseminate information about genetics and health. The report is organized as a preliminary case study. It is structured by responding to three guiding questions: what kinds of information regarding genetics and health currently exist; when do people encounter information about genetics and health care; and, how do people find information on health care and genetic health care in particular? It will be useful to professionals, practitioners, and consumers who are interested in how information regarding genetics and health makes its way to the public. This document was produced by LTG Associates, Inc., in support of efforts to improve genetics literacy under a Cooperative Agreement between the Genetic Services Branch (MCHB/HRSA) and the National March of Dimes Foundation.

The review is in two parts: a working report and analytical narrative and an accompanying bibliography containing over 1200 citations.

Literature and Materials Review ( 356 kb)

Research Bibliography (358 kb)